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Morrissey Consultants assist regulators and insurers in assessing operational risk, and compliance. We test and document insurance systems to identify IT control weaknesses. We analyze and convert insurance data. We utilize frameworks established by  NAIC, NIST, ISACA and others to assess controls. Finally, we identify efficient and appropriate solutions for the mitigation of risks that insurers face from faulty systems, ineffective governance, project failure, disasters, and cyber threats.



We are certified* IT and regulatory insurance specialists with extensive experience in insurance operations, governance, disaster recovery, business continuity and cyber security. Insurance, whether property & casualty, life or health is about data—personal data and proprietary business data that requires protection. We know the risks of data loss and best practices for managing secure systems. We also know the data and how to analyze it for security and compliance testing.

Certifying Organizations:  ISC2, ISACA, SOFE, IRES



We have a passion for technology, efficiency and ethics. We never stop learning. Our role as consultants is to educate, communicate and deliver services promptly.  And about the logo: keeping up with technology is like surfing—you either get in the wave and ride it, or you get pummeled. We try to keep our clients in the wave.